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McCurdy's Sand and Sable

2000 Double registered mare. (TWHBEA and McCurdy Plantation Horse) 15.3 hand mare with an elegant long stride, natural gait and great conformation.
In foal to "McCurdy's Iron Mason"

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Steel Blue

1994 TWHBEA registered mare.
This mare has consistently produced calm, sweet, easy going babies that are easy to raise and train. She is the Dam of McCurdy's Iron Mason our breeding stallion. She is currently in foal to McCurdy's Iron Little Man.

* Top: Taken March 2006,

Steel Blue Pedigree
Steel Blue Pedigree


Eb's Misty Sky

1989 TWHBEA and RHBEA registered mare. Sky is a long time member of our family and extended family. Sky was owned and trained by Colleen Cates now of Athens, Texas, previously from Lowndsboro, Alabama.

Top: Collyeen Cates on Sky
Bottom: Kayla on Sky at 2003 Fall McCurdy Trail Ride

2009 Sky passed away after 20 years of loving service. She brought joy to many people over the years but most of all she was my best friend. She will be missed.

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Ebony's Hidden Star

1995 TWHBEA and RHBEA registered mare. Jet is a veteran field trial and trail horse that is child safe. She is naturally gaited that has been described as sliding on glass. She is a full sister to Eb's Misty Sky. But most importantly she is Ashley's horse. They are a team!

Left: Ashley Mason and "Jet"
"Best Friends"

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McCurdy's Red Rose

1995 Triple Registered mare.
(TWHBEA, RHBEA, and McCurdy Plantation Horse)
This mare possess the all of the quality that are the basis for the McCurdy Plantation Horse. She is calm, well gaited, stocky and has lots of heart. This mare is extremely willing and eager to please. She is novice safe with extensive trail and field trial experience.

2009 Rose passed away. We will all miss seeing Logan and Rose lead the Spring and Fall rides. Good friends are hard to find, she will be missed by all.

Gray C. Lacy

1996 Gray mare, double registered, (TWHBEA and McCurdy Plantation Horse) This is a quality mare that produces quality foals consistently. She is a big mare at just under 16 hands, stocky, calm and well gaited naturally. We look forward to more of her off-spring.

Pictured: Owner Van Carter on Gray C. Lacey with her 2002 foal by McCurdy's Iron Little Man at her side.

Foals and Yearlings of Bentoak Farm

McCurdy;s Arial
Foal 3-10-06
2006 Gray filly

Molly's Little Mama (gray) X Haley's McCurdy Buddy (blue roan)

Arial is a big beautiful stocky gray filly that is a sweet as she is beautiful. This filly is a classic McCurdy. She has it all! Size, color gait and most of all a calm sweet disposition. She has always been very easy to handle. Arial will be and all "around" mare.



McCurdy's Grey C. Leggs
Foal: 3-16-06
2006 Gray filly

Missy's McCrudy's Leggs (Gray) X Haley's McCurdy Buddy (Blue Roan)

Leggs has a long elegant neck that extents out of her shoulder at a perfect angle. She also has long legs with an excellent stride. This filly will be versatile, whether for covering ground at a field trial or trail ride or as an excellent addition to your breeding program.


McCurdy's Iron Liberty

Foal 4-17-03
Gray filly out of McCurdy's Red Rose and McCurdy's Iron Little Man. This filly has stolen our hearts! She loves being with people no matter where her mother thinks she should be. This filly is driving her mother crazy! Very independent! She has been imprinted and handled daily from birth and is truly a special filly.

Top: Kayla, Sharing a special moment with Liberty. Truly Special Moments!

Middle: Ashley, and liberty, our oldest baby and our youngest baby.

Bottom: Logan, teaching her to lead or is she teaching him?

Stallions of Bentoak


McCurdy's Iron Mason

2002 Gray Stallion out of McCurdy's Iron Little Man and Steele Blue. This horse is Bentoak Farm's Breeding stallion. All foals to date are grey. He has a sweet, calm and willing disposition and has been a delight to handle from the day he was born. He gaits at liberty in the pasture and is dream under saddle. He passes his calm, loving disposition onto his offspring.

Stud fee $300.00 

(Mare care $5.00 per day, $6.00 per day with foal at side.)

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McCurdy's New Tradition

1997 TWH Gray Stallion
McCurdy Plantation and Racking Horse Assoc. Registration

June & Barry Snook
J-Bar Farm and Kennel
Canby, Oregon.
website: www.mccurdynorthwest.com
Visit J-Bar website for more information on this great stallion.

McCurdy's Iron Little Man

Double registered TWHBEA, McCurdy Plantation Horse. Calm, gentle and naturally gaited. Producing excellent offspring consistently.

Owned by: Ed and Kim McCurdy
Selma, Alabama
McCurdy's Iron Little Man
Visit their web site for more information about this wonderful stallion.

Pouncey's Midnight Chase

Registered McCurdy Plantation Horse Stallion. Consistently produces well gaited, calm disposition foals.

Owned by: Teddy Pouncey
Pleasant Hill, Alabama






Horses For Sale at Bentoak Farm
Videos available upon request

McCrudy's Iron Liberty

McCurdy's Red Rose X McCurdy's Iron Little Man

Foal: 4-17-03

In foal to McCurdy's Iron Mason and Due April 2007. Liberty is a beautiful sweet, calm gray mare that was raised here at BentOak Farm. She gaits in the pasture. From the day she was born she has loved people. As a baby she would come and lay down by you. See pictures of her with all of our children on this site. Liberty is an excellent choice to produce more like herself. She is a true ambassador for the McCurdy breed.


McCurdy's Scarlet O'Hara

Foal: November 2002

Registered McCurdy Plantation Horse
Scarlet was born and raised here at BentOak Farm. She is extremely gentle and has had many hours of trail experience. Her long flowing mane and tail are extremely striking as she moves. She stands well for the farrier and to be groomed and clipped.
Scarlet can be pastured for months and be ridden at any time.


McCurdy's Iron Justice

Yearling filly. Double Registered, Gray. Gaits in the pasture. This fine filly is out of McCurdy's Red Rose and McCurdy's Iron Little Man.



Bentoak Farm Horses Sold

Mason' McCurdy Miracle

2006 Foal
McCurdy's Sand and Sable X McCurdy's Iron Mason

Big beautiful Gray filly with elegant long legs and a swan like neck. This filly has been sweet and calm from the moment she was born.

Sold: Dr. Edward Meadows
Andalusia Alabama

McCurdy's Iron JAG

This is the first Foal out of McCurdy's Iron Mason. He is a big calm sweet colt the is a classic McCurdy. Stocky, Calm and Gray.

Sold to Greg Aplin, Andalusia Alabama

Ghost Ryder

Registered McCurdy Plantation Horse - # 97014
15 hand gray gelding. Extremely smooth gait, gentle and calm.  This horse will be an excellent mount for the experienced rider of a novice. He is easy to handle both on the ground or on is back. He has had extensive training in all kinds of terrain.

Sold! Thank you Charles Wolfe of Minnesota!

McCurdy's Miss blue

Three year old McCurdy reg. mare 15.3 hands with a wonderful smooth gait and willing personality. She is a classic McCurdy mare.

Thank you Matt Ulrich of south Alabama who is starting a McCurdy breeding program of his own.

McCurdy's Fashion Fancy

2001 Double registered mare.
(TWHBEA and McCurdy Plantation Horse) out of Fashion Plate Cate and McCurdy's New Tradition. Beautiful sorrel mare with elegant features, and graceful long neck. She has keen little hooked ears that have been described as looking through angel wings while in the saddle.

Thank you to Meryl Hart of Loveland, CO

Rooster's Buddy
Rooster's Buddy

Rooster's Buddy

6 yr old gelding
16-2 hands
Trail and field trial veteran
Very calm and easy going

Thank you Dodie and Jerry Thornton of Michigan


2001 Foal by
McCurdy's New Tradition



Donny and Janic McDonald of South Port Florida

Bentoak's McCurdy Hope

This is the only foal out of McCurdy's Lady Destiny before her death! This horse is naturally sweet and loves human attention from the day she was born.


Pixie Jarvis of Alvaton, Kentucky
Enjoy this special horse!

Apatchee Magic 

out of "Sun's Magic Val" and "Black and White Master Piece" 
Born 5-21-01

Thank you to a return client Janice McDonald of Panama City Florida.

Rusty's Pedigree
Rusty's Pedigree

Thank you Bill Lyon of Tyler, Alabama

" Prides Rusted Iron" (Rusty) 1995 Stallion our of World Grand Champion Plantation Horse "IRONWORKS" 

Rusty has produced elegant natural going walking horses with beautiful color. Rusty has a diluted sorrel gene which allows him to produce Palominos and Creamelos.
We are now offering Rusty for sale. He has extensive pleasure and field trial experience and is calm and easy to handle even when ridden with mares in heat. He is an easy breeder for live cover.

Bentoak's Jet Star

2000 Filly out of Ebony's Hidden Star by Prides Rusted Iron

Thank you Paula Sue Swope of Cross Roads, Texas

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Jezebelle Jam

Sorrel Filly, out of Steele Blue and Prides Rusted Iron Born 5-16-01

Given to my brother Donnie Harris
Happy 60th birthday Donnie, Love Tammy

McCurdy's Traditional Jazz

2001 Triple registered black filly out of McCurdy's Red Rose and McCurdys New Tradition. (TWHBEA, RHBEA, McCurdy Plantation Horse) She is elegant, calm and is eager to please. Her disposition is a classic trait of the McCurdy breed.

SOLD Thank You Billy Tompkins



McCurdy's Alabama Rebel
Colt born on July 30,
"Steele Blue" & "McCurdy's Iron
Little Man"

He is a full brother to our breeding stallion.

Photo taken at the McCurdy Plantation horse sale, Fall 2004.

SOLD Thank You:  Pixie and Jim Jarvis


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Friends, McCurdy Horses and Trail Rides!